Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Super Furry Animals - Dark Days/Light Years (Rough Trade 2009)

After two years of arsing around in a retro future (‘Neon Neon’) or with luvvy actors (Rhy Ifans, The Peth), the mentalist subversive and gleefully happy Super Furries are back with a psychedelic tour de force that celebrates their obsessions with kraut twat-ectro, psychedelic blues and rock, mixed with that good ol’ time vibe. In places it feels like they’ve mixed Neon Neon with The Peth and fuzzied it up with the dizzy sugar of Gruff Rhys’ solo work on ‘Candylion’. Super Furry Animals are definitely the sum of all of their parts, a powerhouse of musicianship swathed in clouds of weed smoke and happy pills. The grooves and riffs are in abundance from the get-go rush of ‘Crazy Naked Girls’ before the hilariously titled yet strangely bittersweet ‘The Very Best of Neil Diamond’ deals with the apocalypse and the abundance of Neil Diamond CDs and tapes that will surely survive Armageddon boring us ad nauseum till the pulse of our doom. ‘Inaugural Trams’ with its off-kilter Deutsch clipped tones features Franz Ferdinand’s Nick McCarthy. This album has its moments of effortless energy and glee and most of all, ideas that keep the riffs and grooves rooted to a hard-nosed feeling. Good standard stuff from the Super Furry Animals who’s consistency and ability to keep their schtick interesting makes for a solid album.


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