Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Celebrity spots

From my friend Nick: "Damon Albarn was seen in the crowd for pantomime 'Mother Goose' at the Hackney Empire. The Blur man was allegedly seen "flapping his wings and singing the 'Goosey Beat' song at the end of the show, although he got bored after the third chorus".

And from me: "Just saw Charlie Brooker walking around near my work. As he walked past, I got a little excitable about my writing hero and squealed 'Oh my fucking god, it's fucking Charlie Brooker! Fucking awesome.' To which my American friend replied, 'Charles who?' Anyway, forgetting Charlie had ears and could hear, I didn't take into account he heard my sycophancy. He snarled his lip and skulked off, hating every second of my attention. If I'm lucky, this exchange will be column-worthy."

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