Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Charity Shop Divinity

Earlier today, I wondered how many D'Archetypes singles were out and about in the world.

Later on, while reading Edgar Wright's blog I thought I should track down Scott Pilgrim and read it before the film comes out so I can be sniffy about how I was there first. Checking Amazon it seemed volumes 2-5 were reasonably priced, while volume 1 (second hand) was going for a cool hand luke £35.

Then, while reviewing Doves' latest album I wondered why I had taken 'Lost Souls' their inspiring debut album to the charity shop after overplaying it through my final year at university.

I was wondering up Green Lanes in Harringay today checking out estate agents for a possible move. I walked into a charity shop on a whim and what did I find? A D'Archetypes single (okay, this made me die a little inside as someone had discarded my art), the first two volumes of Scott Pilgrim and a pristine vinyl copy of 'Lost Souls' by Doves. Now this may all seem unimpressive and coincidental but sometimes charity shops seem to soundtrack your day in a way that transcends what you can see in front of you. I'm not saying I believe in god, but if I do, she definitely volunteers in my local Sue Ryder Cancer Care shop and is trying to send me a message. What that message is... god knows... and thus is the divine gauntlet laid for me.

This week, I went to a wedding, on a Monday. Afterwards we celebrated with a coffee in Asda. You can't get classier than that.

I really hope the charity shop has a publishing deal; a brown morning suit and an iPhone next time I head down.

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