Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Video Nasties - On All Fours (Dead Again 2009)

The debut album from London scum, Video Nasties, is an aggressive buzzard of an album, gnawing and chomping like a mixed-animal metaphor breaking free of the shackles of its captors, a stodgy heavy punk-assault on your emotions. Potent and aggressive, their line of searing boisterous and down right disturbing punka guitars give you an uneasy fuzzy journey into the abyss. Willing you into submission are singles 'Albatross' an animated tome of death and destruction and bile and spit that pounds and thuds with every bass drum boom and the acetate bliss of 'Dead Again' an all-punching all-kicking riposte to doubters. Menacing and compelling future single 'Jellybean' is an uneasy journey through thrash while 'Rolling' shows a potential versatility with its lullaby-like charm. Full of personality and oozing with threat, this is a thundering debut.


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