Thursday, 19 March 2009

Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls (In the Red 2009)

Brooklyn noise-pop trio Vivian Girls are drenched in a seductive fuzz of swirling guitars while their muddied shoegazing harmonies sweetly flirt you you over the tops of their fretboards. Gorgeous, grungy and just too damn powerful with the geetars, they fuzz and buzz their way through ten short sharp succint songs. 'Wild Eyes' is the pinnacle of their simple format, naive slightly off-key sweet schoolgirl harmonies while the bass pounds and the drums clatter. The guitar is a heavily distorted flange of fuzzy overtones. They balance frequencies beautifully with high-pitched murmured vocals, middling power chords and the rumble of a tight bass. 'Going Insane' is a dizzy rollercoaster-like song slightly out of time with itself, nearly tripping over itself as the singer delivers slick lyrics about impending insanity. 'Where do you run to' pounds over a repeated riff, slightly road tripish, and trippy all at once, out of sync harmonies ghost over the top of the music. These short songs are tight and well-put together erupting through multitudes of moods and melodies in short bursts of time, desperately scrabbling towards the finish. This is for you, you noise pop shoegaze fan, you girly girl harmony guys, you must own.


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