Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Invisible - The Invisible (Accidental 2009)

London's The Invisible bring another one of those 'indefinable sounds' to the pallette, sounding like Radiohead, Elbow, TV on the Radio, Queen, Bugz in the Attic and Prince all in one go, yet managing to be a diminished sum of their influences, pitched as some sort of style mash-up, yet managing to not be terribly interesting, despite the kudos of their obvious influences. Sung as Guy Garvey (Elbow) singing Prince-style falsettos, there is a strange moroseness to these heavily bass-driven songs, where the low notes drive you up and down on their tripwire electric funkiness. Opening with the Jack Johnson-esque 'In Retrograde', you're misled into thinking they're just an acoustic singer-songwriter combo, however 'Constant's jagged razor-sharp Kid A-era Radiohead guitars (when there were guitars on Kid A) give you an off-beat James Bond lite theme. 'Jacob and the Angel' manages to sound poignant and funky all at once. 'London Girl' the lead single is funky and oozing with bass, yet seems like a diet twisted funk song. The singer's lack of personality and charisma make the the music dull with his input, which is a shame as these tracks in the hands of someone like Saul Williams or Tunde from TV on the Radio would really shine. It's a shame that it smacks of mediocrity in places as they could shine. Insert your own 'Invisible' pun here.


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