Monday, 23 March 2009

Geek Five: Dananananaykroyd interview

Here is a quick interview with Dananananaykroyd where I get something wrong. They are an awesome Scottish band with bright hilarious passionate songs and two frakking drummers. Album review later on today, but in the meantime....

- 'Hello Everyone' is your new album. How would you describe your album to someone who shies away from traditional greetings?

Our album's called 'Hey everyone', you denser. It's a touch more colloquial, so right from the off we're making things that are little bit easier for those who shy away from traditional greetings. Our debut album is one big giant "hello" to the world, with lots of loud, crushing guitars and scottish people shouting and screaming out of your stereo. A sort of "look at us! We're really annoying!" Not really the sort of thing for anyone shy of anything, to be perfectly honest.

- Indie DIY is the way to go for bands today. Yay or nay and explain your workings?

Yay and nay. It all depends on what sort of person/band you are. If you have the sort of money and resources needed to succeed or even exist at a comfortable level where you get to put out records and constantly tour the world, then go for it. It's a fantastic thing to be able to do that off of your own back and, from past experiences, very rewarding. Just because the record industry is in a bit of turmoil just now, doesn't make it any easier for tiny little bands to get noticed though. It still takes a hell of a lot of hard work, whether or not you choose to work with a record label. There's 6 of us and we're all skint, so, well, duh.

- In order to recreate the thundering experience of two drummers on a record, you must.... ?

TURN THE DRUMS UP REALLY LOUD AND MAKE THEM PLAY AS HARD AS THEY CAN UNTIL THEY HATE THE SONGS AND ALSO MUSIC AND THEIR LIVES AS A WHOLE. Well, that's what we did in the studio. At home, listening on your stereo, we suggest turning your stereo up nice and loud, to the point where your mum tells you that, even though she loves you as a mother because she has to, she no longer likes you as a person and you end up growing up all wrong and stuff.

- What's inspiring you right now? Books, Cds, films, art, tea brands etc?

Pink Floyd! I watched a show about them today and it has given me some great ideas. And also my new Playstation 3 is teaching me all about how, if you write silly pop music that ordinary people enjoy, you might get to be on a computer game and then actually make some money from playing music. Very inspirational.

- What's the geekiest thing about each member?

Well, Calum and Duncan are constantly playing WoW. Like, to the point of deep, deep sadness. Laura is constantly just sort of being a general, geek and telling crap jokes and picking things up off the floor and eating them. She also married a rock star, what a total geek! John makes dance music ALL the time. He thinks it makes him cool, but who actually listens to dance music past the age of 15? What a geek. My name's David and yesterday I lay in bed playing Skate 2 for 12 hours straight. Goodbye!

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