Thursday, 6 November 2008

Foreign Beggars - Hit that G@$h (Dented 2008)

Thank god Foreign Beggars are back. With Roots Manuva, they blaze a trail through the UK hip hop scene, with the most talented vocalists, beat makers, beat boxers and DJs in their immense Dented stable of greatness. However, listening to ten consecutive remixes of the filthy 'Hit that G@$h' does leave you feeling like a violent sex pest donkey-punching your way out of the room. The original version is an electro-disco house filth monger of a bit with Orifice getting freaky with the oodles of g@$h throwing themselves at him. French hip-hop crew Rouge a Levres crop up on the guest duties, spitting some French pornography with panache, sleaziness with sophistication and European charm with increasingly decadent alarm. To discuss the lyrical content would be to ruin the whole point of this brilliant single catchy dirty tune. It is what it is and it's funny, freaky and dirty. The 9 remixes, imaginatively named (Big Willy's Bukkake Bashment, Salad Toss Off) run the gamut of styles and approaches that make Foreign Beggars such a versatile band, so much more than a simple hip-hop crew. In-house producer, Dag Nabbit gives them a big beat explosion while D-Code laces the tune with some menacing near-drum'n'bass. Seemore Productions get ethnic and dubsteppy while DJ Primecuts gets downlow, bassy and grimey. Dubbledge, Kyza, Inja and Chester P crop up in various guises and guiles to brandish their own brands of filth. This is a monster hit with enough for everyone on it. Through disco house, electro, straight up hip-hop, grime, dubstep and drum'n'bass, Foreign Beggars are truly a band to be reckoned with. United Colours of Beggartron, their third album, should be out early 2009.

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