Sunday, 9 November 2008

Kidkanevil - Back off man, I'm a scientist (First Word 2008)

Kidkanevil is a fine architect of bass-heavy instrumental hip-hop and breaks, immersed in percussion and Eastern mysticism, willing to plough the gamut of the world to build up his wordless beats. From synth-pop to dirty Bollywood sleaze, from grime to electronica, there is a feeling of urgency, of cityscapes erupting with implosions all around as he meticulously builds up some well-thought out, complex hip-hop for our listening pleasure. 'Real Wild' uses a well-known and well-ploughed Bollywood action funk sample and manipulates it to sound fresh as it flanges across speakers while the drums explode underneath it. 'Tokyorkshire' is a simple synth-toy riff build around a squelch of games sounds and vocal samples of children, you feel like you're hearing people playing Mario in the next room, while 'Yuki's Hometown Hifi' is full of bass-driven skankin and reggae goodtime vibes. There are oodles of versatility on the album, a seamless weave of soundscapes from all over the world. By the time, the album goes to that stereotypical beats and breaks instrumental hip-hop and scratching sound, you don't mind as you're midway point through a beautifully well-put together album full of passion and promise. This is a really good album from a talented producer still learning still building and still promising to rival the likes of his influences in years to come, with such versatility, who remembers 'Endtroducing' anyway?


Kidkanevil's Radiohead remix

Real Wild vid:

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