Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Shortwave Set - Replica Sun Machine (Wall of Sound 2008)

The Shortwave Set is drenched in sunshine. Originally released in warmer climates, this Dangermouse-produced slice of psychedelic pop is a celebration of Californian gold, sunny America and driving in the blistering cloudless skies with the rooftop down. Dangermouse adds a gleam of 60s revisionist analogue warmth to the proceedings, drenching their drums in the Motown-esque stomps that made his Gnarls Barkley incarnation so brilliant. What's so surprising about the Shortwave Set is that despite their leanings towards power-clattering American pop like the Flaming Lips, they're from South London. Their brand of electronica pop is given a drench of psychedelic guitars and strange and soaring harmonies. This is less garage band than their debut, 'The Debt Collection', it's almost overproduced in places. But songs like 'Glitches N Bugs' offer you a spacey lift-off of soothing proportions, while the 'Downer Song is an electronic almost sombre ending to an optimistic fist-thumping album.

'Glitches N Bugs' is now out as a single and is notable for its inclusion of a cover version of Grace Jones' 'Slave to the Rhythm', subverting the original with mellotrons and haunting drum machines.


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