Monday, 17 November 2008

The ultimate geek dream-in

Last night, I had the following dream:

There's been a jail break and Spidey has chased the escapee criminals to Baltimore where they've hit the radar of one Jimmy McNulty and his affable partner Bunk. They're investigating the guy's infiltration into the Bodymore, Murdaland's criminal population. Spidey arrives in town and immediately starts busting heads, including Snoop and Cheese, who run off in defeat. Undeterred they hire Venom and Carnage's symbiotes who turn Snoop and Cheese into rabid savage G-Symbiotes with sideways guns and flat-caps on their musuclar mutilated alien bodies. They attack Spidey who is defeated and slumps off. Meanwhile Bunk and McNulty have tracked the escapee criminal to a warehouse where it turns out he's working for... Doc Ock... yep, Doctor Octopus entrusted this man with the secret whereabouts of a special formula that can make ordinary men grow octopus arms and superhuman strength. Doc Ock gets the formula back and immediately disposes of the escapee man. Spidey teams up with McNulty and Bunk who have issued warrants on symbiote Cheese and Snoop, who are tearing their way through the Western district destroying all the walls so Spidey has nothing to hang on to. Spidey turns up with Hulk and Wolverine and they go to town on the evil gangsta symbiotes. They defeat them and then a rumble hits the ground... They turn round and Doc Ock is standing there with a legion of superhuman octopus-armed corner boys... holding McNulty and Bunk hostage.

TBC - cos then my alarm went off...

I can't work out if this is a really weird fan-fiction or the best dream ever.

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