Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Matt Helders - Late Night Tales (Azuli 2008)

Prolific talented Arctic Monkeys side-project number 2. While Alex Turner is off playing with his Last Shadow Puppets, the other Monkeys aren't really resting on their laurels. Here, drummer Matt Helders (also sticksman for indie-hop supergroup Mongrel) chooses some of his favourite after-hours tracks and it reveals him to be a man with eclectic tastes and a firm fandom of the ol' UK hip-hop. Before we get to the content though, let's just say his squelchy funky remix of mid 90s rave classic 'Dreamer' is superlative and Alex Turner's short story is haunting and eloquent. But the choices on this are pretty great. Ranging from dirty garage punking Stooges and Johnny and the Hurricanes to nu-rave forebearers The Rapture, this encapsulates a truly varied taste. This is for the person whose stock answer to 'what music do you like?' is 'eclectic. I like everything.' Matt Helders really does like everything and it all gets a look-in. The mainstay though is the hip-hop and we get classics from US legends Mos Def and Luniz, with the sleazy stoned 'I Got 5 On It' while Big Dada stalwarts, UK's very own TY and Roots Manuva crop up with 'Break the Lock' and the laconic 'Dreamy Days' respectively. There's funk, breaks, beats, dance, punk, hip-hop and electro all carrying forward an immaculate ear for good times music and sleazy late night tales of funk soul and beats. Matt Helders, the Pie salutes your impeccable taste.

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