Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Bishops - For Now (W2 records 2009)

The Bishops comes from a 60s revival background, all snappy suits and jangle-pop in the nostalgic mod[e] of acts like the La’s. Their new album, ‘For Now’ tries to build on this jangle-pop phenomenon by updating it to a more contemporary setting. The result is a slightly saccharine attempt at nostalgic pop that manages to still sound like the Animals and The Kinks, despite the inclusion of a more rootsy blues as well as the odd instrument, like harmonium and horns. The feel is happy-clappy, all oo-oo harmonies and psychedelic retro power-pop. There is no mystery or misery on show here and the similar feel and tone throughout give it a distinct lack of edge, a real thorough stab at nostalgialating the past. The three minute pop structure works well as no song outstays its welcome or goes on too long. It’s a thoroughly pleasant listen, however, nothing sticks out because ultimately, there’s nothing new going on. When revitalising an old genre, you’d expect there to be an addition to it. The White Stripes plough the blues and 50s/60s rock and 70s garage punk and there still manages to be a new feel to it, while it is revisionist, it still adds something to the influences it is ploughing. Tellingly, this is recorded in the same studio as where the White Stripes produced ‘Elephant’ where there isn’t a digital mechanism in sight. And you can tell. However, this could have come out in the 60s and probably did. However, now it’s nothing grabbing. While thoroughly inoffensive and unremarkable, it’s pleasant enough.

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