Thursday, 26 February 2009

Love is All - A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night (What's Your Rupture 2009)

Like a shoutier, spikier, funkier, punkier Zutons, Love is All launch into their new album with the clittering clash of saxophone and angular guitars as lead singer, Josephine bellows over the top, a squeakier Karen O, matching her blow for blow in the attitude stakes. The meat of Love is All is a loud celebration of love and life’s optimistic forces, a testament of raw energy to positivity. This is something that other bands would inflict a darker more menacing tone on. Instead, Josephine tries to uplift, finding the realities that destroy any pretence of perfect ‘Movie Romance’, a spiky powerful ballad that is both searing and soothing all at once, with her comforting yelp drawing the listeners in. ‘Last Choice’ is all false-starts and glockenspiels over sweltering oohs and aahs, with the sweet story revealing a delicate world of dreaming and falling in and out of love. The tinges of sadness that permeate this song and other moments in the album are emotive yet they ask you to join in, hand in hand, and unify as a legion of heartbroken, something that pounds in the band’s simple edict, of wanting everyone to be happy. The music bolts between influences never settling in one tone long enough to get boring. The 80s stylings on the vocals bounce along as the guitars swell and thud in the background, razor sharp and power-drill-like. Moments feel like indie pop, others feel like 80s ska, there is a union happening, a chaotic party where everyone is invited to raise their hands like antennas to a sky begging for their love, and together, and with Love is All at the helm, we all swoon and fall in love for ever, living happily ever after, safe in the knowledge that bands like this are always looking out for our best interests, with a joyous celebratory sound forevermore.


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