Friday, 27 February 2009

Crystal Antlers - Tentacles (Touch and Go 2009)

Crystal Antlers are a sonic experiment of rioting guitars and elongated screams into the abyss of pain and tortured souls, the tentacles of doubt surrounding them, cocooned in a cacophony of sound as the world implodes. Seemingly an album about environmental decay and global climate meltdown, the torchbearers of an apocalypse are Crystal Antlers, begging the world to not disintegrate around us as sombre death-march drums lead us towards the inevitable imploding star. ‘From ‘Glacier’ to ‘Until the Sun Dies (part 1)’ singer Errol Favis wails the fragility of nature and its destruction by humankind, all under a cloudburst of epic sound and energy. He sounds like Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain, his scream and fragile world-weary gravelled throat weep their way through these emotive beautiful and fragile yet brutal and exhausting tracks. The freejazz experimentations seem to throw the music off-kilter, threating to derail the songs, allowing them to build into frenzied climaxes while the guitars summon up Thor and Ares and wage thunderous wars on our ears. This is a brutal and brilliant album, every inch as worried as we should all be about the futility of our lives in a world we no longer control, the fragility nature suffocates us.


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