Thursday, 5 February 2009

Where did it all go right?

Despite having been on radio 1 and 4 and 6music and loads of different radio stations and podcasts and other things I shouldn't namedrop/show-off about, I was pleased to make today's Collings and Herrin podcast, hosted by Andrew Collins- an obsessive compulsive journalist and Richard Herring- the amazing comedian I worshipped alongside Stewart Lee as a teenager wanting to be funny but wanting to see awkward people like me get far. Fist of Fun was such a seminal part of my growing up, strutting round school screaming 'green jelly' or 'I am Rod Hull' to friends as part of our collective experience, the catchphrases of others (see 'iranu' and 'uvavu' and cooing the dove from above). That was how we related to each other, a collection of sounds and repetitive words strung together, reliving whole sketches and sections of programmes as our joint memories, our nostalgialators giving us the televisual work of others as things to reminisce about. So, when I twittered last night with Richard Herring and again this morning as he prepared to record his podcast, I made it on, getting a mention in the first five minutes. Unfortunately, it was at the expense of poor old Andrew Collins but the fact that I made it was great enough. I've finally linked with a comedian who helped with my writing as his deconstructionalist approach to writing comedy was always a great analytical insight into the components of effective jokes and punchy writing. I am officially happy.

I like this song at the moment:

(Bon Iver - Skinny Love)

Ignore the fact that it's in Japanese... new footage!

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