Friday, 27 February 2009

Bob Log III - My Shit is Perfect (Birdmen Records)

It’s hard to tell how far Bob Log III extends his well-tongued cheek. He obviously has a sense of humour, having been a fine purveyor of boob whisky, playing in a deep sea diver’s outfit and including songs on his latest album ‘My Shit is Perfect’ called ‘Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow! Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Baby! Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow! Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump.’ But is he taking the piss with the music? Like a pisstake Beck or Bubba Sparxx, he fills his voice with distortion singing empty epithets over scuzzy glitched samples of beatboxing or drum machines with some classic blues riffing in there. It’s musically very samey but so laden with personality, it’s really listenable. But how far is he taking the piss? I imagine he’s not, really, and takes pride in his essential commandeering of the blues from newbies(!) like Seasick Steve. ‘My Shit is Perfect’ ‘Buckwheat Potato’ ‘Bang Your Thing at the Ball’ all provide the ample soundtrack for South Park and My Name is Earl, showcasing the highlights of an album of comedy hip-country blues, a simple album brimming with silliness and humour all the way through.


Boob Whisky - one of Log's finer moments...

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