Monday, 13 October 2008

comics round-up 9th October 2008

Bit late again, sorry, but since Spidey went on a three week hiatus it's been painful waiting for the conclusion to the truly awesome New Ways to Die.

Amazing Spider-man Family #2
In a story by Ardudi and Bachs, we track a crime across the years as we see a criminal's path covered from the Daily Bugle to the DB, involving the Bodega Burgler. Then, in Mr. and Mrs. Spider-Man, DeFalco and Ron show you how a father like Peter Parker deals with leaving his child for the day remembering how his parents never returned when they last left him. Also, we see more slices of Peter Parker's Brand New World and take a look at this month's Amazing returning villain, Hammerhead. This is filler in preparation for the next Spidey. Also, the next Amazing Spider-man Family in November will contain the big reveal we've all been waiting for, Who is Jackpot? Allegedly, Mr and Mrs Spider-man is going to end as well as they bring the Amazing Spider-girl into the Amazing Spidey Family fold, further proof of trying to bury the Pete/MJ marriage. Shame as Spider-girl had some good writing.

Amazing Spider-man Brand New Day Collection #1
This collects the first month in the brand new day of Peter Parker, as we meet his new supporting cast, including some old friends; see what this new alternate Spidey has been up to since Civil War seeing as he hasn't had to contend with death and destruction in his family, and the Maggia resurfaces battling the mysterious Mr Negative. This is a great return to form for Spidey post- contraversial and disappointing One More Day and the cynical movie tie-in that was Back in Black. Back to the wise-cracking, damsel-saving hero that we all know and love. Forge the messageboards, this is classic stuff in the making.

Batman Confidential #22
This ties in nicely with The Dark Knight film and shows an evening of chaos as Batman, new to Gotham and the hearts and minds of its distrusting policeforce, hauls in the mysterious macabre maniacal Joker for the first time. Over the course of the evening, we watch him cause absolute chaos from his cell, in his cell and through his cell. Despite the cartoon-friendly artwork, the Joker is up to his black best with devilish schemes and no remorse. Full of gallows humour and truly chilling behaviour, this is very readable stuff.

Detective Comics #849
In this penultimate chapter of the 5-part arc "Heart of Hush," Batman tears his way through Gotham City's underworld to reach his dangerous adversary. But after the Dark Knight learns what his childhood friend-turned-villain is really after, will Batman be able to survive what Hush plans next? The lives of both Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliot come full circle in this story of beginnings and brutal endings! We find out what Hush has been scheming, what has happened to Catwoman, some great action and a confusing ending what with what's going on in RIP. The great payoff of Hush revealing what's underneath those bandages and what he plans to do mirrors the Black Glove's plan greatly. Leading up to an explosive and damning finale in the next issue.

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