Friday, 31 October 2008

Times New Viking - Stay Awake EP (Matador 2008)

Times New Viking return with a set of completely new spiky recordings on EP 'Stay Awake'. Still ploughing the scuzzy shitty lo-fi sounding amateurish distorted recording sessions, they succeed in their ability to write searing soaring melodies and punk out on the DIY 4Real aesthetic. They sound every so slightly cleaner now, with more distinction between synth and guitar but the shouty girl-boy-pop vocals remain as do the clashing clattering drums that sound like they might fall over in a pounding Animal from the Muppet Show moment. This 7" EP contains 'Call and Respond' with its lilting guitar and call and respond vocals is almost a cutesy love song in a lo-fi punk way, while 'Pagan Eyes' is shouty pop and 'Hate Hate Hate' is aggressive and naughty and pounding all at the same time. They have got more sonic and hook-laden since April's 'Rip It Off' and 'No Sympathy' is almost a conventional song, done in their own twisted way of course. This is for fans of the album mostly but will likely convert more people as it is more accessible than the album. Recommended.


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