Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sonnyjim - Trading Standards (Eat Good 2008)

Second UK hip-hop release to come through the Pie-desk this week featuring up-and-coming battle rapper Sonnyjim, with his mixtape followup to debut EP, 'Soul Trader'. Now aligned with the unstoppable Dented fam (featuring the best talent in the UK: Stig of the Dump, Foreign Beggards, Dr Syntax, Dubbledge), Sonnyjim has upped the ante, farmed out the beat-duties to an array of top producers like Beat Butcha, Chemo and S-Type and called in some great MC's to help him destroy this mixtape. Orifice and Metropolis from Foreign Beggars, Stig and Synners from Dented, Kashmere and even Mercury-nominated Soweto Kinch all lend a hand to the Birmingham battle rappers. 'EOW Anthem' slays all the competition featuring Britain's best battle rappers. 'Stack P's', going on the all-too-familiar get money-make money theme is a scattershot double time masterstroke of funkiness while Sonnyjim's own themed tracks, 'The Pecking Order' 'The Ultimate Triumph of the Little Guy' all show the rapper's skills in songwriting as well as scathing putdowns. Sonnyjim is a talented man, sounding perpetually pissed-off and sarcastic, quick with insults and aggression, articulate and biting, funny and slightly crazy by the sounds of it. This is a strong mixtape with few slow moments, the fast is relentless and the bravado is boisterous. Not bad, sonnyjim, not bad. Good stuff.

Sonnyjim battling Stig:

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