Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dusk and Blackdown - Margins Music (Keysound 2008)

Dusk and Blackdown's Margins Music is the perfect accompanyment to the 'melting pot' of London. This is such a crass statement I hate that I wrote it. But it's true. Dusk and Blackdown marry Asian/eastern sounds with dubstep and grime is such a foreboding, menacing way that its the perfect listen while walking around the typical London pallette of urban decay and ethnic shops that you will find on Green Lanes, Green Street, Hounslow or Streatham. There is a dark territorialism to the soundscapes and pitter-patter of marching drums, almost tribal in their construction. Blackdown, a veted journalist, has tried his hand at something truly visionary and the results are astonishing. Where bhangra and dubstep dance with each other, the push and pull of the celebratory Punjabi vocal tussles with a menacing drum and bassline that pulls out your earhairs one by one as they stand on end. Concrete Streets enters a grimier murkier territory with a vocal by acclaimed grime MC, Durrty Goodz. 'The Drumz of Nagano' roll out some Oriental rhythm mysticism before killer recent single 'Focus' comes to the end of the line with that epic crescendo. This is a great representation of London. It mixes the menacing and the celebratory well, juxtaposing different communities and their own niches and corners of the great city. This is highly recommended stuff and its great, being a British Asian, to hear these sounds used so perfectly. To hear these drones and percussion drops in such a slow foreboding way that gets under your skin rather than taps your toes is more Black Star Liner than Asian Dub Foundation and the ability to know the source samples so intricately well and use them in a manner that allows you to appreciate the majestic melodic music from India and further East is a truly exceptional feat for these passionate and powerful producers. Absolutely brilliant. Most recommended.

Keysound Video presents... Dusk + Blackdown: Margins Music from Keysoundrecordings on Vimeo.

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