Monday, 27 October 2008

Wrestling Banananas

It's been a while, so today I'm gonna treat you to something special..... what, you ask, is so special, especially in the world of wrestling......

How about INJURIES AND MISHAPS?!?!?!?!?!

I gotta say, in a sick and twisted way, they're almost part of the spectacle, the fact that these athletes do all this crazy shit, and rarely get injured.... or maybe you just miss it.
Whenever I've watched it Live, I've seen things go wrong, winced a little and said something like "well, that didn't quite go to plan", but it's a different story when I've searched for something gone wrong in wrestling, and I physically have to force myself to watch I hope you can do the same.....if it makes you feel any better, no one died in the following accidents, and all made a full recovery....

So Lets Begin

First up is Brock Lesnar, a man so massive and agile, he'd been saving this move for something special....Like WRESTLEMANIA...... unfortunately he didn'r do it well enough and ended up wknocked out for the rest of the match with a massive concussion....clever boy

Next is a well known injury - Sid Vicous from WCW. The Leg snap is wrong, and he took years to come back from it.....please wait for the slow mo reply, it's worth it!!

Eddie Guerrero (R.I.P). Loved this guy, he was awesome, unfortunately, in his debut match for WWE he popped his elbow out. It was pretty nasty, and you can hear it "pop"

Another one is this sick one, which looks worse than it is, he only comes out with a broken ankle, but still.....

If you still want to see more sick stuff like this, try CZW on youtube, or go to

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