Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Los Campesinos! - We are Beautiful We are Doomed (Wichita 2008)

This second album from twee-ndie pop combo Los Campesinos is a melodic, catchy and cutesy countdown to destruction. The irresistible cheery charm belies a lyrical conceit obsessed with armageddons and crashing skies and the wondrement of destruction, all in synth-based girl-boy frenetic guitar fashion. The song, 'We are Beautiful We are Doomed' is lyrically apocalyptic and bouncy all at once, creating this uneasy fission of dancing into oblivion. The point is, we're all beautiful, we're all together in this and we're all doomed. Hence the album title. It's a good mixture of emotions that give you space to think as well as nod your head. It's not as poe-faced as a polemical conscious album, instead the playful boy-girl vocals and repeated happy guitar lines give it a glitzy self-aware almost wry feel. 'You'll Need Those Fingers For Crossing' lets up the pace with a yearning wailing for a "soft porn version of the end of the world". It's amazing to think that 5 months ago Los Campesinos released their debut album, the frenzied 'Hold On Now Youngster' so it's impressive to think that they can keep things fresh and creative with this bolder more refined version of their sound. The songwriting is better, the melodies interchange with more confidence and when the tender 'Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time' hits your ears, you're swooning in a maudlin headrush. They're still developing and they're still getting better and imagine them in another six months, they'll be world-beating alongsides the likes of Mystery Jets. In the meantime, think of this as a companion to the short sharp 'Hold On Now Youngster' and while the music doesn't always keep up with the acute wit of the lead singer, lyrically this is a strong insightful album with tunes in spades, for a band constantly learning at being themselves but better.

Video for one of their strong earlier singles, 'We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives'

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