Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Who is Jackpot? The mystery unveiled tomorrow...

So tomorrow, we find out if Jackpot is really MJ in disguise, a copy, or a contrived revelation sloppily handled. Either way, the fanboys are going gaga.

Here are 3 reasons why MJ won't be Jackpot:

1) The Marvel writers created the status quo of non-married Spidey with a new cast of friends to youth-en him. Putting MJ back in the picture complicates things.
2) How would a deal with Mephistopheles give her secret powers?
3) Until #600 MJ is strictly bring-in-as-a-throwback-to-previous-status-quo/tempt-fanboys domain, while the characters are fleshed out and their popularlity assessed.

There is no way MJ is Jackpot (whole new huge amount of explaining/exposition to do) and it's cynical of Marvel to draw her the way they have just to create the debate.

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