Thursday, 30 October 2008

The fall-out and the answer

So Russell Brand quits to protect his boss and others implicated and she resigns anyway cos some content made it on air while she was on holiday and the Mail on Sunday witchhunt continues and the girl who said Brand should be sacked and was disgusted, the Satanic Slut in question (I won't even honour her with a link) signs with Max Clifford and prepares for kiss-and-tell heaven. Lovely girl.

Maybe Bill Hicks was right in his bit about stupid news deflecting us from the real issues. No one cares about the recession anymore now Brand's been an eeejat.

Oh yeah and Jackpot turned out to be some superhero pretender called Alana Jobson who's been jacking up on steroids and mutant growth hormone, and she dies at the end of the issue so all this time waiting for the reveal only to kill her off when it comes. Stupid Marvel.

Oh yeah and I finally found my copy of 'Knock Knock' by Smog, hiding in a box and all is good with the world. I'm settling in this evening with some Battlestar Galactica and some cold blooded old times.

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