Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Emmy the Great - We Almost Had a Baby (Close Harbour 2008)

Oh man, I think I fell in love a bit with Emmy the Great a bit at Latitude Festival this year. Her lilting breathy vocals, the pastoral strus of the guitar and that emotive, Cat Power-esque ability to make grown geeks cry.

Her new single 'We Almost Had a Baby' has almost a fifties-ish 'Earth Angel' rhythm and progression to it as Emmy mourns the past and talks about the possibilities and what could have beens with lost loves. Her imagery and pathos is saturated with emotion and the song moves along beautifully. It's backed with the acoustic 'Short Country Song' a plaintive cry of open spaces and fields mired with regret. She is a superlative talent and when her album drops in January, I'll be first in line I think. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Truly absolutely beautiful music.

Emmy the Great officially

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