Wednesday, 8 October 2008

George Pringle - LCD, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (Trouble 2008)

George Pringle is one of them gobby yootsdem girls coming through with spunk, abrasive putdowns and a fine line in trendy posh electro. Here on her follow-up single to the debut EP 'Poor EP, Poor EP without a name' she gets spiky about the dancefloor, its laws and band of core followers while an electronic one-drop pulsates in the background. While the song is funny spiky and relevantly scathing of 'scenesters' it suffers from a lack of big chorus that would set this alight. Say what you will about the 'ain't faking, ain't faking it' Ting Tings, they can write anthemic choruses. George Pringle could certainly do with some of those. The spoken word approach is interesting, as it mirrors the work that Scroobius Pip is putting in, both flying the flag for the iambic pentameter. This is okay stuff, lacking in that moment where the song soars but she's certainly one to watch. This is backed with the equally middling 'Sparkomatic Miami', another song that could be made great by a big hook.

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