Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jeremy Warmsley - How We Became (Transgressive 2008)

Literary electro-troubadour Jeremy Warmsley follows up his debut, 'The Art of Fiction' with another awkward indie-pop run through the electronica filter effort of ambitious musings and verbose rantings. Occupying a similar landscape to Mystery Jets (with his oblique references to awkwardness and pastoral innocence), Patrick Wolf (with the muddying of indie and electronica), and The Divine Comedy (bombastic ambitious lyrical conceits with literary references and a nodding wink), this is a versatile album that veers between self-reflection with Sins (I Try) and jaunty pop on Dance With the Enemy. Warmsley's warm voice, ivory-tinkling and scattershot electric drums all provide the perfect accompaniment for journeying through streets and fields and country houses and indie discos. This album is a grower, filling up your ears with intricate nuances each time you hear it. The layers seep into more layers and the texture becomes polished. Album highlight is the rude and scathing ballad, 'If He Breaks Your Heart', warning an unseen voice that 'if he takes the piss, I will break his face'. Suddenly the twee affected dandy doesn't seem like the pushover you assume him to be. When Warmsley sits down to write a simple sombre song free of sonics, he is successful as he paces his way through the poignant 'Craneflies' nostalgic and seasonal. This is definitely for those who want thoughtful lyrics with their bizarre subversions of indie. Worth dipping into.

Video for strong album opener, 'Lose My Cool'

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