Friday, 3 October 2008

Tilly & the Wall - O (Moshi Moshi 2008)

Uber-trendy label Moshi Moshi bring us the second album from Omaha 5-piece, Tilly and the Wall. 'O' is a record that pushes the groups experimental boundaries further than ever. Known for utilising tap-dancer Jamie Pressnall to produce a truly original rhythm section, Tilly And The Wall have a talent for catchy melodic lines that are reinforced by strumming guitars and mesmerising pianos. Single 'Pot Kettle Black' is a venture into 1970s garage rock with pounding drums joining a fuzzy riff and fiery vocals from lead singer Kianna Alarid.

Like Secret Machines fronted by Gwen Stefani, with a rhythm section comprising of Sabian Glover (didn't you watch Sesame Street) they go from flower pop ('Blood Flowers') to tap-travaganza ('Alligator Skin') before peaking in a flurry of swearing on 'Too Excited' a top-tapping, guitar-driven zenith of explosions.

Good interesting stuff, and with artists like Micachu vitalising the Hoover industry for her melodies, maybe there is more to be explored in the classic rock vein, new ways of telling stories. Here certainly you don't miss the pounding rock and roll drums expected, you go with the flow and the tip-tap-tip-tap of the intricate rhythms while banshee lyricsa flail above them.


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