Monday, 22 September 2008

Black Box Revelation - Live at the AB (2008

The Black Box Revelation preempt their album 'Set Your Head on Fire' with a live EP of album tracks, recorded at the AB. They are another blues duo playing punky, spiky blues rawk with just a guitarist and drummer. While they could slip into White-Stripes-generic-copy-syndrome, they manage to salvage some respectability through the spikiness of their live show. How the songs sound recorded are yet to be decided. Through 'Gravity Blues' and the incendiary 'Set Your Head on Fire', they bring a raw power to proceedings, reminiscent of the yelps and squeals of Iggy Pop and Jack White. They jam in perfect melodious harmony as the guitar flays riffs all over the clattering booming John Bonham-esque drums. While they run the risk of sounding studio-fied, the rawness they have elected to showcase here introduces them in a different light. It's a shame the recordings of the live show have been cleaned up so much because there's something to be said for the guttural dirtiness of the MC5's 'Kick Out the Jams' show, which this seeks to pay homage to. All the while though, this is a good solid EP of riffs and drums and yelps and everything you want from a modern punk-blues marriage.


Here is live proof of their abilities:

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