Monday, 29 September 2008

comics round-up 18th September 2008

Sorry this is a bit late...

Amazing Spider-man #572: New Ways to Die Book 5:
I can't tell you how amazingly great this six-parter is. It's chocked full of great content, and visuals and story and just everything and John Romita JR draws Spidey like there's no tomorrow. This week, Bullseye is unleashed and Spidey-s photographic honing device has been used against him. Meanwhile, Anti-Venom is causing all kinds of mayhem, either working for Spidey or accidently against him. We are given more hints as to the big 'who is Menace' reveal and we're set up for a jaw-dropping arc finale with Spidey vs Green Goblin, oh and Mac Gargan's back... wearing his Scorpion suit as Venom. Double trouble. It's painful knowing that the finale is out on 15th October.

Mighty Avengers #18:
Meh... kinda filler. So while the Avengers, new and mighty, are off fighting the Skrulls, we're given back stories to the Secret Invasion and how it has been carefully planned. I keep picking up these books to fill in the back stories around the reveals of the Skrulls, but so far they're hit and miss in terms of relevance and importance. This week, we learn about the stringent training programme Nick Fury is putting his Secret Warriors through and their reactions to it, before, they notice on a monitor that the Skrulls have landed.

Uncanny X-Men #502:
I was getting ready to drop this book because I was spending too much money on books each week but I'm glad I haven't yet. The X-Men close in on the mutant-hating Hellfire Club and learn more about the sinister presence orchestrating everything. Nightcrawler and Karma take their own prisoners. This all leads into a furious San Fran-destroying battle.

Pretty slow this week (even though I'm late- but there you go...)

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