Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mr Lingo's Funktropic Paradise September 2008

Each month, our in-house funk geek, Mr Lingo will be bring you the finest info on the finest funkadelic vinyl to be funking about in your funkbags...

This month, being September, we bring you his September chart:

#1 - Tru Thoughts Presents Black Gold 12"

A jam-packed 12" of funk and killer dancefloor beats. First up Hint gives the inimitable Hot 8 Brass Bands 'Jisten To Me' a working over and produces the kind of tune you cannot wait to unleash! me & you's dance-floor filler 'Last Night' gets yet-another re-work, with Bassnectar on remix duty. TM Juke's new project with The Jack Baker Trio heads off the flip, before Trus Me gives 'Reflection' from Belleruche's 2nd LP a tweak.

#2 - Dr Rubberfunk / Smoove - Fantasy Funk 7"

When the audience to BBC radio´s Funk and Soul Show was asked to vote for their favourite artists, the likes of Nina Simone, James Brown, Bootsy Collins, James Taylor and the JBs came top in their respective fields. The guys down at the Funk and Soul Show then thought it would be a great idea to get some mixes done, as if all these legends were doing their thing in the same recording session as one band. Smoove and Dr. Rubberfunk were amongst other funk masters who rose to the challenge and with no surprise took the number 1 and 2 spots with best mixes fashioned. Awesome!

#3 - Breakestra - Lowdown Stank 12"

Breakestra's latest vinyl treat sees the light of day courtesy of Stones Throw offshoot label, 'Now Again'. Heavy, deep funk all pressed up nice and loud just the way Breakestra sound live. This 12" comes with bonus track Miss Funky Sole. Dope!

#4 - Various - Funky Forty Fives Vol.15 10"

I love this collection of rarities all pressed up on a 10" disk. Vol 15 is no let down, with 'Right On', 'Who's Gonna Take The Weight' and 'Giving Up The Food For Funk' all getting in on the action.

#5 - Speedometer - No Man Worries 7"

Speedometer have been making some awesome funk for ages, and are back with these two gems taken from "Four Flights Up' - their critically acclaimed recent LP. Both 'No Man Worries' and 'The Real Me' have been given the DJ Format attention and live up to his very high standards.

#6 - A Skillz vs Beatvandalz - Insane Bangers Vol IV 12"

As the name suggests these are indeed Insane Bangers... hip-hop/funk mash up masters the Beat Vandallz do the business once more with reworks of 'Beat Don't Stop' and 'Feelin Kinda Insane'

#7 Featurecast - The Artist Series One 12"

Another Featurecast/Goodgroove classic. Quite breakbeaty, but a sure fire dancefloor winner. One side is an update of Afrika Bambaataa's "Just Get Up & Dance" spliced with the Drummatic Twins "Feelin Kinda Strange" and on the other, you get a mash-up of various tracks including Blueboy's "Remember Me".

#8 - Ruckus Roboticus - Here We Go 12"

Roboticus has risen from nowhere to unleash his fury of funk, hip-hop and mischief on the scene. Part turntable, half drum machine, all sex machine; the robotic wonder drops this 12" that will be be highly sought after.

#9 - Bamboos - King Of The Rodeo /Can't Help Myself 7"

I love this 7", but only really for the flip with Ty in rhymesmith mode on 'I Can't Help Myself' this awesome funk-hop jam with The Bamboos. They really should need no introduction; the funkiest of antippodeans have been grabbing more attention than Kylie in hot-pants. This 7" single right here has their awesome funk groove cover of Kings Of Leon's 'King Of The Rodeo' with Megan Washington on vocals to kick it off

#10 - Various - Funky Forty Fives Vol.14 10"

Another solid black 10" of pleasure.... as 'Bullit', 'Ua Ua Rock' and 'The Loner' are all cleaned up and re-released on this collection of rarities and classics.

Mr Lingo is a deck-whore and can be found gracing every imaginable venue in Bristol with his record bag of solid vinyl funking goodness... Find him here...

and remember to check back in October for the skinny on the Autumnal vinyls that need your cold hard cash money...

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