Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Uxbridge English Dictionary

A combination of too much I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue [bbc.co.uk] and the need to find something to update my Facebook status with did spawn the creation of the now legendary (well it is) "Word of the Day" status updates.

The idea comes from the ISIHAC game Uxbridge English Dictionary [wikipedia.org] where the contestants are asked to come up with new meanings for old words.

Here are my first 46:
I apologise now if I've inadvertently repeated any that have already been done.

forlornthe front garden.
largera french stove.
disparatewhich parrot? oh that one.
listlessshopping with no agenda.
miasmasome times i find it difficult to breath.
fallibleliable to topple over.
neophytewelcome to the matrix.
matchingthe nice word for arson.
perfunctorythe place where they put the holes into tea bags.
penchantode to a lost pen.
sycophanta poorly elephant.
bricolageartistic cheese.
hologramand empty message.
pistachioa drunk mexican..
vapida fast vampire..
reactan encore.
toffeea bit posh.
superciliousthe worlds most ridiculous superhero.
cursoryhouse ofswearing.
homogeneousthe smartest gay guy in the world.
discretethat greek island's shit.
valiantawelsh insect.
ineffablevow of chastity.
auspiciousdon't trust the aussies.
wheedlea tool for sowing weeds.
repastdeja vu.
radishalmost cool.
plaintiffand argument on an aircraft.
solventa hole in your shoe.
polygonwhere's my parrot.
pursuea litigious cat.
baristaa lawyer from the hood.
articlean ice sculpture.
celerya prison.
loafingto bake.
shortSean Connery puts things in order.
pestosuperhero exterminator.
succinct69 dude!
subtlewhat's in the tool box?
stasisdon't you go anywhere girl.
indignantan archaeological insect.
corkscrewa holiday romance in Ireland.
buddylike an Indian.

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