Friday, 26 September 2008

Geeks through the ages #6: Randal Graves

Randal Graves is a fictional character in director Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse, portrayed by Jeff Anderson. He was introduced in Smith's debut film Clerks. He also appeared in comic books, an animated series and a sequel to the original film. Just his presence in multiple media platforms is enough to render him a geek. His surly superiority, filthy mind and intricate knowledge of film flaws is what singles him out as this week's Geek through the ages.

Randal is a clerk at RST Video, located next door to the Quick Stop convenience store in Leonardo, New Jersey. In the first film and the cartoon, Randal is a prime example of the typical slacker: He works in a dead-end job, has no respect for customers, and arrives at work late every day. He periodically closes the store (during work hours) to chat with his best friend Dante Hicks, a Quick Stop clerk. Whereas Dante believes that title dictates behavior, Randal does whatever he pleases. He has been known to order porn movies for RST Video in front of customers, spit water in customers' faces, and intrude on private conversations about sex.

His life centers on movies, video games and pornography. He often quotes dialogue and discusses films, goes to other video stores to rent porn, and is often depicted in Clerks: The Animated Series with a porn magazine. His love life is nonexistent (at least in a romantic sense). The few relationships he had never lasted because of his nonchalant attitude; his ex-girlfriends were subsequently so fed up with men that they became lesbians. In contrast, it is implied he has a budding sex life, despite his overall pathetic existence; he has girls over when his mother isn't home and when she is, he brings them over to the Quick Stop.

An inability to relate to humans, an unhealthy disregard for everyone else's intelligence, a passionate affinity for Star Wars over everything else, and an unhealthy sideline in scat porn, Randal, you are truly a Geek Through the Ages.

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