Monday, 22 September 2008

Lingua Franca EP (Breakin Bread 2008)

This hotly anticipated EP couldn't have come any sooner as a taster for what will be an awesome full length album, Things Don't Stay the Same, later on this year.

Lingua Franca is the brainchild of UK hip-hop stalwart and premier beatsmith Ghost and versatile singer Devorah. Their creative collaborations first cropped up on Ghost's debut album, on the funky Northern Soul stomper 'Talk to Me', which had me singing all summer long. This time, they are here for keeps with more material. The EP opens 'Falling Back to Her' a slightly malevolent, almost trip-hoppy Portishead 2008-esque beat that skips and stutters and stops and starts as Devorah croons over the top about unrequited love. The other two songs show the diversity of the forthcoming album with a dirty funk tune and an almost Quantic-esque breaks-heavy finisher. They are so much more than a live funk band and Ghost's production shows no bounds with his limitless ability to stray through different genres and drums while still retaining a funky soulful edge on top. Devorah isn't your average Duffy-esque Northern Soul working man's club funk singer. She can do torch songs, funk drops and soulful ballads as well as stomping big tunes. If Duffy can hit the top 40 with her dreary pub Winehouse numbers, there's no reason why bands like Quantic and Lingua Franca need to remain in the shadows any longer. Buy the EP, then buy the album. You will enjoy it. I promise you.

Lingua Franca on Myspazz

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