Monday, 15 September 2008

Explanations and Comebacks

The Correct wrestling fan term (note - Geek term) for one who is excited at something that happens in wrestling, such as a comeback or debut, is a ''Mark''

To 'Mark Out' at something or to be a 'Mark' is how the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) term those who are not in the know about wrestling news, rumours, politics and happenings......those who just watch it as light hearted entertainment..... Yeah, they're all virgins!
So...... here's my top 'Mark Out' Moments of debuting, or re-debuting Wrestlers........

The Undertaker - Comeback - WWF Judgement Day May 2000.
Great Comeback, I did see it coming, it was pretty obvious, but when this man turns up and is now 'alive' and dressed like the biggest stereotypical biker, it sort of fell a bit flat.... I only marked out cos I hadnt been watching wrestling for the last 8 years, so it was just good to see him again.

Chris Jericho - Comeback - WWE Raw November 2007

Brilliantly done - WWE had been using Viral marketing for months leading up to this, short video flashes here and there.... had the 'ol IWC in a right tizzy, arguing amongst themselves in regards to who it was for....Chris Jericho, New Hart Foundation..... even better was that Jericho was denying it adamantly in every interview, and seemd absolute that he didn't want to come back....then he did....spectacular! Oh and the IWC said they knew it was him all along - yeah right, Gayers!

Matt Hardy - Comeback -WWE Raw July - August 2005
After a well publicised break up with then girlfriend Lita, due to her cheating on him with Edge (all 3 WWE performers and former friends - real life geek-piers, this is not Kayfabe) Matt Hardy was fired for making the whole debacle public, but then after a few weeks, Matt Hardy was back, attacking Edge in what is still not confirmed as part of the show. Briliant even if it was scripted, but the attack was immense!

Brock Lesner - Debut - WWF Raw 2002

This massive mammoth of a man, with a ridiculous tattoo on his back, came storming down to the ring and demolished 3 other wrestlers in one go.... i didn't even have time to think, I just knew that this man was going to be massive. Unfortunately he fell off the rails a few years back, and is now fighting in UFC - always a good bet when you think you're the shit! Fucking Mental Face!

And Our Comedy Entry -

Chainsaw Charlie - WWF Raw is War - Early 1998

Chainsaw Charlie....Chainsaw Charlie....Chainsaw.... Charlie.... Say that name, does it instill fear into you.... .....

How about now....

No, didn't think so. The one on the right, Chainsaw Charlie. The one with the tights o his mush looking like a retarded Wurzal Gummage......What a Berk!

It should invoke fear, knowing that under that stupid get up is a living hardcore legend. His debut into the WWF (re-debut really, he was around in the 80's) involved him chainsawing his way out of a giant wooden box and attacking people....yeah....great huh!

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