Sunday, 28 September 2008

Playdoe - It's That Beat (Try Harder 2008)

Playdoe brings us juddering eletro and one-drop beat schematics while MC Spoek discusses all manner of filth and fuckery. Sibot/DJ Fuck provides a plethora of booty-shaking basslines and synth shudders for a mix of 80s and futuristic rap breakdowns. This occupies the same landscape as other hipster rap like Spankrock and Cool Kids, however, their crunk and B-More influenced music is of South African origin. It began in Africa, according to Afrika Bambaataa and the Chemical Brothers, and now it seems they're content to copy what's hot over here and the states. It's good dancefloor breaking stuff and the MC is charistmatically playful with his lyrics and rhythms. The influence of kwaito, hip-hop, dancehall, ghetto-tech and clubland grime all play in the mix here. Cross-over beatsmith du jour, dan le sac crops up on a remix of the sleazy title track, It's That Beat, with a 7 minute odyssey of synths and insanity.

'It's That Beat' and 'Fish gut' keep the party started before the grimy stop-start 'Gravy Yard' arrives, somewhat over the top with its synth disscordance. Highlight is 'Metro Waste Line' which seems to bring in Afrobeat chords and rhythms into the forefront, allowing Spoek to calm down and be more experimental and melodic with his vocals, singing the hook and adopting a more sombre texture while the synths and rumbling bassline jam around him. Also, dan le sac's weighty housey groovesome remix is worth a look in.

In fact, check it here:


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