Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Geeks through the ages #1: Screech Powers

1) Screech Powers - the dude built his own robot; always let Zack mess him around; never got the girl unless it was Tori Spelling's massive jaw; and ended up working in the environment that spawned him - abusive spiral of shame or what? Screech also invented a dance called the hop. It's sad to see in later years that he tried so hard to shake off the image of Screech by appearing as a tough guy on a programme about celebrity fatties; ebaying his house; releasing his own sex tape; and attempting stand-up comedy... He'll always be Screech to us. He's working on an expose of the Belding years where he calls out all his poor class-mates/cast as they apparently were mean to him.

Boo hoo, Dustin... you had a frickin robot!

Looking down at his imdb listing you see that it's pretty much dominated by Saved by the Bell and not much else. I'd happily cast him in anything... but as a geek with a motherflippin robot.

Some lesser known Screech facts for you factoiders:

Has a black belt in karate.

Plays bass in the band Salty the Pocketknife.

Ranked #16 in VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Kid Stars

The only Saved by the Bell cast member to whom he still speaks is Dennis Haskins.

His girlfriend Jennifer suffered a miscarriage of their first child in December 2004 due to an ectopic pregnancy. They later created the Dustin Diamond foundation, which supports organizations that specialize in child care.

In the May 2006 issue of Stuff magazine, readers voted Diamond the third most annoying former child actor that they would like to punch in the face.

On BBC Three he was listed in their Top 100 Annoying People List of 2006.

Isolated himself from the rest of the teenage cast of Saved By The Bell.

Was bass guitar player in an unsuccessful band called "Salty The Pocketknife".

He is NOT the brother of a Beastie Boy, it's an urban legend. Shame... he was certainly 'intergalactic.'

Screech, we salute you...

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