Friday, 26 September 2008

True Blood season 1 episode 1

The new drama from Alan Ball, creator of 6 Feet Under and American Beauty deals with, yep, you guessed it, DEATH. But this time, it's all about life after death because it's about vampires. It's about socialised vampires. You see, right now, in an alternate present, vampires have developed a synthesised blood substitute and so they've entered society and claimed a truce with humans. There's still a little bit of fear but ultimately, they walk among us, and drink bottles of Tru Blood, the aforementioned blood substitute. Also, there is a craze of draining the blood from the vampire. The blood is known to enhance the healing process in humans and give a bit of a sex boost, as well as some disturbing vamp-porn surfacing.

This is all set in a small town near New Orleans. The main protagonist is Sookie, played by Oscar child weirdo Anna Paquin, who plays a clairvoyant everyone assumes is a retard. She's actually smarter than the average hick, and with a heart of gold to boost. Then sexy mysterious Vampire Bill enters and she swoons and suddenly, we're introduced to the main relationship of people from opposite worlds who are going to try and get together and do the kissy kissy.

It's an interesting premise, the twofold set-up of smalltown dealing with socialised vampires, and the other concept of can vampires be socialised. The action in this first episode is slow that and there is barely enough of a plot strand to keep it together. Hopefully, it'll be a slow-burner. Unfortunately, you can't help but compare this to his older work, and while American Beauty was a saccharin one-man show, 6 Feet Under was a televisual character study treat. This however is initially lacking in charismatic or troubled characters to keep the viewer coming back for me.

I'd give this episode an 0 negative but will be giving it a few more to see how it develops.

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