Monday, 29 September 2008

Chris Morris = genius... be a part of his next project

from this week's Popbitch mailout:

We told you that Chris Morris' terror cell comedy had been rejected by a fearful Channel 4 and BBC. It seems they have a history of this. Muslim comedian Omar Mazouk was to present a mockumentary about misguided suicide bombers for BBC but this was also nixed. He took the idea to a TV network in Denmark instead, where it's getting rave reviews. And putting two fingers up to TV commissioners, Morris is turning his Jihadi sitcom into a film. He's got producers at Warpfilm and a distributor. All he needs now is enough money to make the film. Which is where we come in. Popbitch readers donating between 25 and 100 quid to help get the film made will get the chance to be in it. So get out your cheque book and burkha and email:

Chris would not deny or confirm that recruits who sign up will also get a free al-Qaeda explosives handbook. He also wrote a brilliant article about how Martin Amis is a nob too.

Evidence of his genius:

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