Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Geeks through the ages #2: Richard "Data" Wang

"Pinchers of Peril... saved by my Pinchers of Peril!"

Ah the Pinchers of Peril, just one of the many ingenious inventions of Richard "Data" Wang in The Goonies [imdb].

Played by Jonathan Ke Quan (or Ke Huy Quan) who also starred as the memorable Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Data was bar far my favourite character and one that holds high standing in this tribute to the geeks that have punctuated history.

"Holy S-H-I-T!"

Here is a list of the - also geniusly named - inventions we were treated to in the film:
- Wings of Flight
- Sticky Dart
- Pincers og Peril
- Slick Shoe
- Bully Buster
- Bully Blinder
- Spy Eyes
Data: I'm setting booty traps.
Stef: You mean booby traps?
The Goonies.Org
Data Action Figure UK []
Data Action Figure US []

I Love The Goonies [facebook]

Wow! A giant piggy bank

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Avocado Picker said...

Studied Tae Kwon Do under Philip Tan in 1983 on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), and has also trained in the art under Tao-liang Tan.

When phoning his mother during the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) movie shoot, he referred to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as bearded man 1 and bearded man 2.

His brother was the one actually auditioning for Short Round in The Goonies (1985), he just followed his brother along, but the casting people decided to pick him instead.

Attended Alhambra High School in Alhambra, California.

In the scene in _Goonies, The (1985), where rocks are falling from the cave ceiling, he screams "Holy SH-I-T", spelling the expletive rather than saying it. He did this because his mother made him promise not to use any bad language in the movie.